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Stop trusting in luck, hard work or positive thinking to make you more money…

Astonishingly Simple Breakthroughs Finally Reveal the Exact  Blueprint Anyone Can Use to Create Inevitable Business, Personal & Financial Success  


I don’t care how many success seminars you’ve been to, books you’ve read, or CDs you’ve listened to. Sell them all on eBay tomorrow! 

You’re about to finally discover why some people make millions of dollars almost effortlessly—while others with the same smarts or talent struggle just to get by. 

These new breakthroughs in psychology and brain research helped me build a company that enabled me to help hundreds of business owners and professionals multiply their incomes and satisfaction, while sending their revenues and profits soaring. 

Now they can reveal the blueprint for your inevitable financial success as well—if you are serious. And I’m so sure of this that I’ll train you for Free if you don’t agree. 

Dear Soon-to-Be Very Successful Friend, 

Have you ever watched in amazement as someone with less intelligence or ability made far more money than you? And have you ever seen someone you consider smarter or more talented make much less than you? 

After 6,000 years of recorded history, science has finally given us the tools to understand why some people seem destined to achieve great financial success no matter what. And why others seem to struggle for every dollar, as if fighting some invisible current. 

Even more importantly, thanks to these new discoveries we can now quickly double or even triple the income-generating ability of virtually anyone who is willing to take the time and effort to understand these amazing breakthroughs and their implications. 

In the past, many techniques for financial success were known which worked—but only for some people, and only some of the time. And far too often, any changes turned out to be short-lived. Most people quickly reverted back to old habits and behaviors. 

But what is so powerful about these revolutionary discoveries is that they finally enable us to understand and work at the very deepest—and most powerful—levels of the brain. These are the levels, we now know, where the only real and permanent change takes place. 

We can now, for example, literally erase deeply rooted mental conditioning that silently works against your financial success at every turn. And we can replace it with wealth-seeking programming that attracts moneymaking opportunities like iron to a magnet.

If you’ve always believed your earning potential far exceeds your current paycheque (or you’ve always wished you could truly believe it) what follows may well be some of the most important knowledge you’ve ever received. Because I’m about to introduce you to the scientific basis of your future inevitable success. 

We now know that this is one reason your past efforts at increasing your income may not have worked—and will not work—until you are aware of this mechanism and how to use it for your benefit. 

Next, I want to tell you about a discovery that will truly—once and for all—enable you to eliminate the barriers to your financial success. 

How to reset your success settings

It’s no secret that people like to stay within their “comfort zones.” And for decades, those people who try to help others achieve greater success did their best to get people to venture outside those zones. 

They pushed. Pulled. Motivated. Inspired. Tricked. Cajoled. And anything else that had a chance of working. 

Sometimes, they were successful. A few people would take heed and break through their self-imposed limitations. Most people, however, stayed right where they were. 

But now, thanks to incredibly revealing brain scanning and monitoring techniques, we know more about the brain than at any other time in history. We know, for example, that various “neural thermostats” are responsible for keeping you within your financial comfort zones. 

We can now see that these neural thermostats trigger the release of self-correcting chemicals when you begin to exceed your pre-set limits. 

For example, if you start achieving more income or business success than your financial thermostat is comfortable with, it automatically releases chemicals that stop you from doing what you were doing. Whether you want to or not. (You don’t even know about it, because it’s happening at the non-conscious level of your brain.) 

Who am I and why should you care?

My name is Mark Frentz, an Alberta based life and business coach with over 20 years of experience, and a master’s degree in psychology. I have traveled the world and learned 4 different languages in my quest to find proven tools to help people like you achieve the personal and business success that you want.

I’ve personally invested over $200k and many years of my life in order to learn these things for myself, as well as how to teach them to others. Every time I’ve learned anything it has always been with the ultimate goal of teaching others which parts of the system works, and which parts don’t.

I’ve always been someone who learns the hard way and was given very little to set myself apart or learn and grow. I’m stubborn and was a complete failure in many areas of life. I’ve learned these things through trial and error and make it easier for my clients to learn from.


I was even told I was mentally retarded in grade 2 and doubted myself a lot growing up (emotions of loneliness, and feeling different than others and misunderstood).  I’ve personally hired coaches as well that had great content, but they didn’t have processes or systems in place with their coaching to get me past the education side, into the IMPLEMENTATION side.

No implementation… no results.

Which is the EXACT reason I’ve worked tirelessly on my new 10 Weeks Fundamentals Coaching program.

As mentioned, every single course I took or coach I hired, I took out the best strategies that actually worked, and got me motivated to implement them.

Those strategies are best-of-best, and designed for those like me that are tired of just “learning” and want to do more “implementing”

In essence, these tools are best-of-breed tools that I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours, vetting out strategies, languaging techniques, and proven formulas to get things done at a rapid pace in your life.

My 10 week Fundamentals program

Weekly live coaching sessions in a group setting.   
  • I show you the exact methodology that has worked so fast and systematically for me and hundreds of others I have trained in variations of this program.  Each week we will cover strategies, action steps, and accountability guarantees.   
The Profitable Accountability Formula.   
  • This shows you a proven system to break through any limiting actions or beliefs, and finally start getting solid results you can bank on.  
Lifetime access to my video library: 
  • Goal setting, and achieving techniques that really work (most say they work but fall short on implementation and goal achievement) 
  • Finding your why! When you find this one seemingly simple thing in your life, positive things start happening quickly in your personal life, financial life, and your professional career or business.  
My ‘Superhuman Confidence’ course . 
  • A video series (with audio if desired) that offers something you cannot find like this on the market: how to build confidence. Workable and proven resources for confidence don’t really exist on the market 
Every lesson I provide has specific action steps.  
  • This is different from many programs that give great general advice, but nothing that is practical today or extremely specific information that doesn’t really apply to a person’s specific situation. 

This helps you :

  • Gain the skills needed to motivate yourself and kill procrastination
  • Confidence to connect with people and understand their needs rather than simply ‘selling’ people stuff
  • A basic understanding of business that most people don’t understand: marketing, sales, business systems, time management. 
  • My background is with a PHD in psychology and I’ve helped hundreds of professionals hit their goals with systematic repetition

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect nor pretend to be!

I’ve actually struggled with the same things as I’m teaching. I’m not someone who has always had success. 

You and I know what we need to do…but some of us are simply not doing it. 

Not unlike exercise, eating, or relationships habits where you know what you need to do and even how to do it, but you aren’t doing it. I help with the DOING to begin building momentum and confidence. 

I like working myself out of a job

Imagine if the following steps to success were first hand knowledge to you – exactly how you ran your life… 

  • How to “Think” your way into any situation, business, or wealth that you can possibly desire 
  • How to use desire – which is the starting point of all achievements – to create everything in life you can imagine 
  • How to get your dreams off the launching pad and into orbit 
  • How to develop faith and eliminate bad luck forever
  • How to create a specialized knowledge that can take you from where you are today to the success story of tomorrow 
  • Making dissatisfaction work FOR you – not against you which is what 99.9% of the population does 
  • How to exercise your imagination and lead yourself into a personal fortune 
  • How to avoid the major causes of failure and how to accumulate unlimited riches 
  • Using decisions to overcome any obstacle 
  • Testing and tuning your persistence to climb over your failure once and for all 
  • Tapping into your subconscious mind deeper than an Alaskan oil well – and mining the riches that lay beneath 
  • Your startling power of imagination that can create anything and everything you desire – how to make sure it is working for you – NOT against you! 
  • How to eliminate fear – once and for all 

Success doesn’t have to be an elusive mystery… 

It’s an unlocked door – waiting to be opened – 

here’s the simplest way to find the path.

Success is actually not that difficult to find right now, there’s never been as many paths you can take to find what you want.

What is difficult though?

A repeatable formulaic process that gets you DOING the right things that have massive impact on your success.

There’s ample knowledge out there for you to learn from.  Google, Youtube, ebooks, courses, seminars, coaches, print books, masterminds, etc, etc, etc.

The problem is…

…you don’t need to LEARN more… you need to DO MORE.

And that is exactly what this program focuses on.

We start with some basics of achievement science, and then work through actionable daily tasks that take minimal time with maximum results.

My 10 week Fundamentals program is designed to ‘teach’ as little new principles as possible, while focusing on the true steps most miss in their quest for success and fulfillment.

Fully guaranteed to deliver you the results that you want, or you pay nothing.

Regular price on this course is $1,200 for the complete coaching system, the support materials, and the ongoing commitment from me to be there for you through this transition from learning to doing.


For a small window of time, I am offering this program for $300 off.

Think about that.

For less than the price of a new business computer, you can get the exact mentoring and step-by-step formula for implementing the tools you need and achieving the results that you’ve always wanted.

These skills are ones that are with you for life, and will give you the lifestyle you want.

Maybe you’re already at the peak of success (according to the numbers), but feel lost, lonely and desperate in your personal life.

Or maybe you have yet to get those numbers you’ve been aiming for.

Either side of the fence, I guarantee you my 10 week Fundamentals will get you OFF the learning curve and ON to the actionable DOING curve.

Things will get done and you will see and feel the results you’ve been looking for.

Who should join the Fundamentals Coaching Program?

Anyone serious about making much more money, setting new growth records for their business, feeling more personal satisfaction with their choices or creating wealth in ways that require no job at all! Anyone who feels the urgency of our limited time on this earth to achieve everything we’re capable of. And anyone wants to prove for themselves that it is possible to design and live the life you’ve always wanted.  

You’ve heard what I had to say. It’s time for you to take action and register now and make this a true turning point in your life, rather than a missed opportunity. 

You can get started on the right path for $900, and I guarantee it will give you the results you want.

My Absolutely Unprecedented “Risk-Free Plus” Guarantee

“I will take all the risk. And then some. If you are not 110% satisfied by the end of the Fundamentals Program, I will refund your registration and let you keep the materials for your time and trouble. (The only condition is that you participate in the activities and complete the written exercises as we work through the program.) 

That’s how sure I am that this program is the income-exploding, life-changing experience you’re hoping for. That’s how safe, secure and risk-free I want you to feel registering for this program.”

I look forward to working with you!

Mark Frentz

P.S.  Got questions? I really do answer my email ( and my listed phone number (403-816-9501) really rings right at my desk. You’ll find I’m totally committed to your success and to doing whatever it takes to make a massive difference in your life—financially and otherwise. 

So now it’s up to you. I really believe in you—maybe even more than you believe in yourself (although we’ll soon fix that). Because I’ve seen, time and time again, the ability of these techniques to change lives and generate income. 

P.P.S. Still not convinced? Below are three more folks who think you should be. For them, as for many participants, the effect of my other programs went far beyond financial gain. It had a profound impact on many aspects of their lives.

P.P.P.S.: In every person’s life there’s one BIG Moment that leads them on to stunning success or slips by without notice. You’re now at a point of decision that’s in your hands. I can’t make the decision for you. You’ll either walk away from this rare opportunity to skyrocket your sales, profits, business value, personal income, satisfaction and wealth … or… you’ll join, get on the fast track, and start taking fast and explosive leaps towards your goals and dreams. The decision is yours. 

I have learned so much about setting goals in ways I never understood before and am now able to make decisions and work toward my goals rather than procrastinate. I’m becoming someone I’m proud of and I haven’t even finished the program!
The biggest benefit for me is simply my happiness. I’m so much more efficient in the things I want to do on a daily basis and actually have more time even while I pursue financial freedom for my family. I have even started looking forward to starting a new business to invest in people in fantastic ways. I’m so excited about my future!
My sales increased 30%. My income increased 30%. I have now set my sights on some extremely high targets. I realize we only have a short window of opportunity so the plan is to grow our business as quickly as possible. "Work on your business, not in it!"


It’s about time someone made it easier to reach the level of success I always am dreaming about. I am incredibly excited to have your tools and side-by-side guidance at my side. I cannot wait to start programming my mind to create and accept the success that I deserve.

Mark, I appreciate that you will stand behind your promises here. I will work with The Fundamentals Program for the next 10 weeks and if I do not experience profound improvements in my life I will expect a full, hassle-free, discount. Thank you for doing this and being there for me.

I am ready to start training my brain for success – take me to the next page so I can enter all my information that you will require. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you and reporting my success story to you as well.

Looking to make change but not ready for the 10 week commitment? We’ve got you covered! Click the red button to the left.


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