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Mark has spent over 30 years learning from and studying people and behavior. From his background in psychology to his work in mental health outreach and time spent living abroad Mark has been able to really understand the human mind and how it works.

His has pulled all his growth and knowledge from his journey with his successful real estate investing business and years of coaching and mentoring with high level individuals and developed TONS of content to help serve other entrepreneurs.

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45 Minutes

Fear vs. Panic

Fear vs. Panic
1 Hour

The Coach Who Couldn't

10 Minutes

Sales and Influence

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1 Hour, 10 Minutes


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This program is perfect for the business person who never stops exploring ways to develop their personal mastery and achieve their goals in life and work. This is for you if you are looking for a powerful way to: boost performance, strengthen leadership skills, increase your confidence, feel more empowered, and have more influence in your life and the lives of others Modules included: Motivation, Goals, Decisions, Beliefs, Responsibility, Relationships, Communication, Sales, Influence, Marketing, Business Systems, Attitude and Routines.
Superhuman Confidence

Superhuman Confidence

ARE YOU LETTING FEAR HOLD YOU BACK? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN'T AFRAID? HOW COULD HAVING THE COURAGE TO ACT CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR BUSINESS? This course helps you to change patterns of fear into patterns of confidence and develop the skills to move to a place of full assurance.