Small Business Coaching Insights | Business Mentor | Mark Frentz - Part 3


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When was the last time you took a good look at a map? I find maps fascinating because they show the world from a different perspective.

Against the stream

I enjoy looking at these unicorn fish… they look almost human in some ways! They resemble average people all thinking the same thoughts and doing the

How to master great mornings

How much do you want success? Have you ever interviewed the top professionals in your field and asked them what they credit their success to? I

Make a decision!

I while ago I posted some thoughts on how having a clearly defined goal can help in decision making. Today I would like to simply encourage

How to really rest

My mom always told us she much preferred us loving and caring for each other (I grew up with 3 siblings) daily instead of a big


Today is my birthday. It just so happens to be Thanksgiving day in Canada as well and I am grateful (pun intended) for this happy coincidence